Thursday, 26 May 2016

More Rogue Trader... Captain Calahorra from The Sons of Medusa / Sons of Medusa (Part I)

This is another figure from the Rogue Trader era. It's A captain built with RTB01 components. The hair was shaped to look like bald and the legs were corrected to make him a little bit taller. The back pack was scratch made with different parts of the sprue and a cape was added. The bolter was doubled to show that a captain kills twice (in the name of the Emperor and in the name of the Emperor's mother) and a big sensor was mounted over the weapon.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 'you ta'kin'to me?

Captain Calahorra is an old hero among his Sons of Medusa fellows and has the honour of carrying a personal heraldry composed by chess squares and lightings in his armour and in his banner. As veteran has been trained in the use of the Tactical Dreadnought Armor as we can see for the Crux Terminatus painted on his power glove.

I lost my gaze up to the skies and never ever ask me why... (popular cheap poetry)

I'm not bald, I'm short haired.

I stole this cloak from my grandmother's bed.

I feel observed... must be the Emperor watching over me.

My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove...

Interlude / Taking a break (for a few minutes) / Legions of the past / The Alpha Legion (Part I)

This past week I been very busy, not only with the last commission works but taking attention to the ebay sales in a continuous travel to the postal office and reforming my studio. As, for now, I have nothing new to show, I've decided to rescue this old figures from the vault of the forgotten color schemes.

In the old book "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness" there was an illustrated page dedicated to Slaanesh in the 40th millennium.  And attached to the weird color schemes of this eccentric chaos god appeared some Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion icons that showed an scheme of color very different of the ones shown in later editions.

The green (with red details) was the main color of this Alpha Legionaries and,although not recognised, between the slaanesh legionaries we can find some examples of this.

And now, allow me to introduce the Guubulush Squad of the Alpha Legion. A gang slighty converted to give personality at each member. The horns of three legionaries were removed and later glued in different positions so now all of them looks different. The legs and torso of one guy were turned and now seems that he is advancing through the battle field.

This is my Space Crusade Chaos Legionaries squad of the Alpha Legion. It's under command of the Lord Sergeant Guubulush. The veteran sergeant it's equipped with an standard heavy bolter and the "demonic" faces of his armor has been painted in yellow to contrast with the red and green.

The beautiful smile of Sergeant Guubulush...

The right shoulder pads were painted in a code that indicates the legionnaire number in the squad.

Left shoulder pads shown several variations on the Alpha Legion icon.

Friday, 13 May 2016

A lot of things to do...

Wow! A lot of new commission works for the next two weeks. Some of them are extremelly easy to do and others are proyects that I´m really excited to start. In this days I'll be dressmaker, hairdresser, barber, mechanic, engineer of droids, esthetic surgeon and SPACE KNIGHT MAKER!!! hehehe...

These are my victims...

Monday, 9 May 2016

COMMISSION (part VIII) Playmo Space GE5P as R2-D2

I know that the classic Playmobil robot GE5P was one of the most desired figures of my friend L. So when some days ago I got one of this figures for him, the temptation of make a version of his beloved R2-D2 screamed him from inside "DO IT!!!" And this is the result of him commission.

Pi Pi Pi Piiiiiiii!

Pew Pew Peeeew...

Love between circuits.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

COMMISSION (part VII) Marvel Legends Daredevil (Movie Yellow)

This Marvel Legends Daredevil (Movie Version) has been a very funny figure to be painted. The articulations have taken the paint very well, and the Ben Affleck face have an awesome sculpting work.

Matt Murdock has changed the clothes once more, this time wearing a more classical color selection but dares with the new materials of the XXI century...

The reds have been darkened in the base and a medium red has been used in the DD logo and the belt to fit the comic lights. The yellow (the most important color in this character's version) Has been aplied for not to cover the whole areas, leaving some parts in shadows so in this way only one yellow tone it's needed for represent the clothes material.

Reverse Devil / Flashedevil

A new costume, Mr Wayne?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Scions of Dorn (Part I) Honoured Marshal Grijander Nawer of the Black Templars

This is one of those figures that when you see for first time inside of the blister, you know perfectly what you want to do with it. A medieval knight with an armor that fits very well with the space marines and with the style of the Black Templars. Originally comes with a winged cross addon in his back so I have decided to adjust pieces from an space marine backpack to make it more futurist. Another addition has been the bolt pistol on his belt. The shield has been painted with a personal heraldry for the character in black, white and red (the red is a common color between the veteran Black Templars)

Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be frieeeeends?
Grijander Nawer's shield, the doom of the "pecadores"
The purity seals... that great source of patches!
The Red Bull Wings contest winner!

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