Thursday, 30 June 2016

"The things I do for fun" (Chapter 2) Transformers: G1 MEXICAN HOIST

I've been feeling very happy when in a sinister box I've found this figure. The mexican G1 Hoist with Trailbreaker head. The figure it's a million miles far to be in an acceptable state but smells like Diaclone Times, I love it! :-)
A good friend gave me a pair of G1 Devastator drills so now my figure can work in the mines of Cybertron. Thanks!!!
It's incomplete but with a strong spirit.

Traildriler! AKA: El Chingamadres
Part Hoist, part Trailcutter Traibreaker, part Sockwave....

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Death Guard (Part IV) Guarrote squad and Rhino

The one of things I've always wanted to do is create my own bodies for the Plague Marines since the last ones were a little bit........ simple? Well, we have a good "basic" sprue for the chaos space marines (years later upgraded with a lot of new bits and variants), the Thousand Sons have their own components, the noise marines too but... when they finally produce the Plague Marines we have an strange multi composition design of figures made of metal sculpted on plastics and... I have never understood what was happening with those designs.

Sergeant, shouldn't we leave the rhino pass ahead?
The conversion on this ones was extremely easy to do. And although I recognize that exist several similitude with the "official" release that I've been talking about, it's been very pleasant (AND EASY) to work on them. So this takes me to the next reflexion "What the hell are we sometimes buying"

The figures were painted at the same time that the ones shown in the past Death Guard entry so they all share the same color scheme.

Guarrote squad
Sergeant Guarrote
Brothers Avelino and Tinín
Brothers Eufrasio and Corcolio

The Rhino looks simple because the main detail should be at the quartered hull that looks like opened flesh scars. Brother Cagolin, stands at the hatch with the important mission of make the bolter shot.

Brother Cagolin always prepared for anything!
Forge World view!
The classical familiar picture

Friday, 24 June 2016

Blast from the past! (Part 4) Hulk vs Wolverine

Hi everybody! This time I bring you a lot of old pictures of an small diorama made with Marvel Universe figures. The Hulk figure was one of the first 3 3/4 produced by Hasbro for "The Incredible Hulk" movie (2008) It was part of a pack with a Humvee G.I.Joe vehicle repainted for the US Army Hulk Buster Squad. The Wolverine figure was part of the "Marvel Universe X-Force pack" The barrel that Hulk is kicking out, comes with a German Vehicle of the Indiana Jones Hasbro line. Both figures were painted in a classic comic color scheme and the dark base simulates a "neutral" scenery.

Death Guard (Part III) Chaos Sorcerer Cerdaco and Repugnantitos Possessed squad

Lord Cerdaco, Sorcerer of the Death Guard, was built based on a green stuff pile of tentacles and some "basic" bits of chaos space marines. The Repugnantitos squad is based on the common possessed sprue with a little alteration.

Don't take drugs!!!

The figures were painted in pale greens and rusty clear browns except for the sorcerer tentacles where the colors chosen seems to be turtle skin. The flesh of the possessed was paint in reds. The intention with this squad is to give them a look of dry mutating flesh and dirty sanitariums for the armour. The overall aspect should remember the enviroments of the old spaggetti western movies or the gore films where the blood is mixed with sand, dust and sweat. Reach Nurgle with this characters it's uncommon, so I have tried to avoid the usual cliches of this chaos god.

Chaos Sorcerer Cerdaco

Repugnantitos Possessed Squad
Sergeant Vincent Repugnantitos

Ernest Bocaca

Genaro Stelori

Gustav Smithkiller
Alicio Cuernoseco

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