Saturday, 30 April 2016

Lufgt Huron, Lord of the Maelstorm, Tyrant of Badab, Master of the Red Corsairs, THE BLACKHEART

Lufgt Huron, Master of the Tiger Claws and Lord of Badab was first mentioned at the mythic White Dwarf #101 where the history of the Badab War was first told. In those years the Tiger Claws was the original chapter of the Master of Badad instead of the Astral Claws as were finally renamed for the second edition.

Original color scheme of the Lufgt Huron chapter as shown in the White Dwarf #101

"The Tiger Claws were all but destroyed. Only a contingent of about two hundread fought their way through the Exorcists' blocade and scaped into deep space. They have not been heard of since. Of the fate of the Tiger Claws and Tyrant of Badab, nothing is know."

Nothing was known until the second edition of the game when Lufgt Huron appeared again as Huron Blackheart, Lord of the Red Corsairs and Master of the Maelstrom.

No figure of Huron Blackheart was made since then until almost ten years later. Maybe the reason for this was that the intention for Red Corsairs was to be a Chapter made of conversions based on Chaos and Imperial marines. A renegade army closer to the initial concept of renegades from the Rogue Trader era (before this dark days... before the empire!)

I've used an Space Wolf sergeant as basis for the conversion. The right arm of the figure was substituted and now carries a modified Space Marine Power Axe. The Claw of the Tyrant was made using a Power Glove with RTB01 knives in the fingers and a pair of Hand Flamers on the top. Green stuff was modeled on several parts of the figure such the Bionic Eye, the fur of the chest, some addons on the boots. an Skull belt buckle...

The main of the Servoarmor looks in the original Tiger Claws color scheme but with red parts as Master of the Red Corsairs. The cloak and the fur has been painted with tiger stripes.

The man of the barbecue

He is evil, red and tiger striped!!!

When it's cold this cloak is very useful.

 The only shoulder pad of the Tyrant was painted in two colors, red and black. After this, was decorated with tiger stripes in the black side and an ultra small Tiger Claws chapter Symbol on the center.

Huron Blackheart leads the attack of a renegade army.

Friday, 29 April 2016


Another homage to the later repainted minibots. This G1 Tap-Out has been painted respecting the original base color except for the screens. The original Tap-Out figure was available exclusively to pre-registrants of Botcon 2002 and later distributed through the Preview Magazine with the Wreckers exclusive comic. Like in the previous cases (Astro Magnum and Bug Bite) the base for the figure has been a Diamond Select Bust. The original Cliffjumper bust carries an enormous canon as seen in the "More than meets the eye" animation when he, in company of Hound, tries to shoot Megatron from a hidden position (How brave for an Autobot!!!)

Cliffjumper and her Gun sister called "Megatron Almostkiller"


The bodywork and arms color was painted with an exclusive mixture to match the original toy. The canon has been painted too, in darker tones, so now exist more coherence between all the diferent elementes of the bust.

The screens of the base has been inked to a closer color of the bodywork.

Watch out Tap-Out! Something's coming for you!


As I show in the past WIP, WIP, Wip, wip... entry, this is a Transformers G1 BUG BITE bust based on a Bumblebee bust from Diamond Selet.


Like in the previous Shockwave / Astro Magnum customized bust this one has been completely repainted including the base. Once separated the arms an head of the bust, the Autobot symbol was sanded so I could later paint the proper Decepticon symbol. The main bodywork of the character has been painted in white and marked in the joints with a light grey to contrast the different pieces.

The base of this extradimensional traveler was painted in deep purple with sinester screens in a red and light violet glow effect.

The Decepticon symbol inside the Autobot silhouette homage the classics rubsigns of the G1 figures.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

WIP, WIP, Wip, wip...

I have selected four of the various work in progress on my table. Two of them have delivery date so I hope to finish them tomorrow.

Transformers G2 Go-Bot BLOWOUT based on an Animated transparent Lockdown figure.

Head on!.... hummm seems not.

Transformers G1 BUG BITE bust based, of course, on a Bumblebee bust from Diamond Selet.

Head O!.. O... o...
This dragon has been kept in a box for almost fourteen years! It was already time to be painted.

Finally! My resin wings are alive!

This is an Ultimate Wolverine figure that is currently been customizing to turn it on a mercenary character.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, you've to kill to stay alive.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

COMMISSION (part VI) Marvel Legends Charles Xavier Professor X (R.Xavier)

This Marvel Legends figure of the Professor X has been slightly repainted to look like his owner, my friend R.

The waistcoat has been painted black and the shirt in a clear blue. The colors of the tie, in white and red, are an homage to his favourite football team the Atlético de Madrid.

Now I can lead my army of figures in a different scale! Hahahahahahaha! (evil laugh)

Friday, 22 April 2016

Consecrators (Part I) ??? Chaos Lord Corpulax

The Pandorax Campaign was first published as a 6th edition supplement and later introduced in the 7th edition rulebook. There is a little mention to the Chaos Lord Corpulax, but this was enough to made my imagination fly and compose this figure. There's nothing specially uncommon because the main parts are from the Chaos Terminator plastic kit but the addition of the new space marine respirator head from the tactical squad box and the Nurgle pabellon over the armor gives this character an impure life.

That's why I use an autonomous breathing system, honey...
As an original brother of the Consecrators chapter the armor of Corpulax was black and now that serves Nurgle, a dark green shining reflects on his armor. The corruption of the inmaterium wash his feet and white scars of plague infection tear the ceramite of his plaques.

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