Sunday, 14 August 2016

The YouTube clip for: NECA Terminator T-800 (endoskeleton)

The latest YouTube update. This entry ends the first cycle of "The YouTube clip for". Along the last weeks I've uploaded a few videos to the Metal Invaders Channel. From now, the main idea, is share content between the blog and the channel. All posts will be published with the related video. The T-800 is the last video of the first cycle. For the next post/video I'll introduce the WH40K World Eaters Legion 6" Berserker/Daemon Prince.

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Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


 Another clip in what I've been working, Astro Magnum was a piece that gave me great satisfaction and this clip has been like work on him again.

The original blog entry must be over here...

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Thanks for watching!

The YouTube clip for: "Daemon Prince Perturabo and Iron Warriors Tolai squad / Iron Warriors (part 1)"

With the YouTube channel already working and several projects on the table the blog will pass for an adaptation period. I have very clear in mind the way I wanna follow; so, from now, will be regular to find clips with new projects and updates of past ones. That's the case for this entry. Almost two months ago I published the entry for Perturabo and an Iron Warriors Kornerate squad. (You can take a look over here!)

 Now, allow me to introduce you the clip for that figures.

As I usually say: Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

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Friday, 22 July 2016

The Metal Invaders YouTube channel is already working!

I've selected several pictures from past projects to create this video. Unfortunately I couldn't use for the clip the music I would like due to the legal restrictions...

It's a short clip of less than 2 minutes dedicated to different WH40K armies. From the classic Executioners of Rogue Trader to a Chaos Warhound Titan.

You can follow the channel at:

Hope you enjoy the clip.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Death Guard (Part V) Chaos Lord Sacko Hezzes "The Big"

Lord Sacko Hezzes called by his brothers "The Big", is the central figure of this Death Guard warband. The figure was based on the Ork Lord from the Assault on Black Reach and highly modified to look like a bestial Nurgle Lord. The mech claw of the Ork Lord is an awsome piece for this kind of characters and the combi-weapon was slighty modified to match with the essence of the warband.

Chaos Lord Sacko Hezzes "The Big"

Friday, 1 July 2016

Blast from the past! (Part 5) Terminator T-800 (endoskeleton)

To reflect the dark future imagined by James Cameron I use two Neca Endoskeleton bodies, one for the base and another for main display. The poser T-800 was painted in a chrome finish and the weapon scratch build. The fell T-800 was disposed in the base with a blast in the chest and the limbs broken.

Here is a short "making off" of the base from start to finish.

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