Monday, 6 June 2016

Daemon Prince Perturabo and Iron Warriors Tolai squad / Iron Warriors (part 1)

Years ago I posted an entry call "No quería yo... quedarme con las ganas de..." where I talk about some old squads and figures that I was working on at that time. Among these squads there were pictures of Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Blood Knights (Knights of Blood), Skulltakers, a Disciples of Destruction chaos lord, a Magnus the Red interpretation and a Minotaurs Captain at the Forge World style. More than three years later I've, finally, decided to introduce this Iron Warriors squad.

Commanded by the sergeant Tolai, this five man squad has consecrated their will to Khorne. The warriors were composed with different pieces from the Chaos Warriors, Space Marines and Berserkers sprues available in the early 00s. All of them were painted in a basic Iron Warriors scheme but avoiding the use of yellow and black stripes that this legion uses in their weaponry. I did it because I wanted a more primitive and barbarian look on them leaving the use of the stripes for another figures equiped with a more complex armament. I got an effect of blood on the chainsaws and some parts of the armor using liquid black and red paint mixed with gloss varnish. I think that all of them looks very aggressive and dynamic, even in the more static poses. The bases were painted simulating some kind of hangar floor, that's because if you see them as a whole you can imagine that the squad is aboarding an imperial space ship or industrial complex.

Tolai Squad ready for boarding!!!
Sergeant Tolai screams like a little boy but fights like a man, oh yeah!
Carl Aculus, the guy of the plasma pistol.
Bhan Hanus enjoys fighting in the name of Khorne with his cool Corvus helmet.
Jason "Scarskull"
Toko Mocho "The Wild"

My Perturabo as Daemon Prince interpretation is based on a McFarlane toys figure modified with pieces of skelleton warriors and Chaos Space Marines. I imagined Perturabo as a Daemon Prince without wings, infected with some kind of technological virus and with pieces of his old armor over his main body. 

I feel a perturbation in the force... I mean, the empyrean.
The skin of the primarch was painted in a sick paleness tone but the armor maintains the original metallic color of the legion. The base was decorated with technological rusty items and cables and a green viscous oil over a black mud.

This shoulder pad depicts an interpretation of the Iron Warriors banner as seen in the Realm of Chaos "Slaves to Darkness" book.

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