Sunday, 12 June 2016

Blast from the past! (Part 1) Jack Sparrow

I've adopted the "Blast from the past" name of the Gamma Ray 2000 compilation album where they re-recorded some classical themes of the band. I've rescued some pictures of various commission works I did in the past. Among them I'll show figures form the Hasbro Star Wars line, Neca, Marvel Super Heroes...

For the "part 1" I've choose a Neca CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow action figure from their Pirates of the Caribbean line. This figure was repurposed as statue fixing the position with glue after an arm was broken (sadly a very common design mistake in these figures where the material used for the joints was very fragile and cracks easily when you try to articulate them). The paint work quality of the most of the Neca's figures it's very good so I only try to "upgrade" this with slightly details such inks in the clothes to give them more realism or paint the skins.

The base simulates beach sand so now Jack can feel like home. The figure comes with some accessories, a hat and a hand gun that can be removed and changed in the figure as shown in the pictures so Jack can be exposed in two or three different situations.

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