Thursday, 14 April 2016


Years ago Hasbro give license to Diamond Select to produce bust of their Transformers brand. A lot of different characters were made (mainly the classic characters) and some of them were offered as exclusive repaints.

Diamond produce one item for the Shockwave character, a bust limited to small quantities like the rest of the line.

Shockwave wearing the Skeletor's pijama...

This Shockwave bust has been repainted to represent Astro Magnum. Astro magnum was the first incarnation of the toy that we usually known as Shockwave. It was made by the japanese company ToyCo and widely distributed in others countries under different names (a lot of bootleg figures were made with this mold and some of them with a high quality). In the United States the Radio Shack stores sold them as Galactic Man. There are small differences between the different versions of AM / GM been the most notorious the grey and transparent plastics and the copyrights mark.

Recently, in 2015, the AM / GM color scheme was used in the Transformers Devastation videogame to represent some kind of Sockwaves clones.

I have paint the main armor of the robot with German Grey and the markings with pure white. The base has been decorated to simulate a rusty piece of cybertronian technology. No Decepticon markings has been painted to respect the indeterminate nature of the original toy.

I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I've done on painting this bust.

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