Friday, 22 April 2016

Consecrators (Part I) ??? Chaos Lord Corpulax

The Pandorax Campaign was first published as a 6th edition supplement and later introduced in the 7th edition rulebook. There is a little mention to the Chaos Lord Corpulax, but this was enough to made my imagination fly and compose this figure. There's nothing specially uncommon because the main parts are from the Chaos Terminator plastic kit but the addition of the new space marine respirator head from the tactical squad box and the Nurgle pabellon over the armor gives this character an impure life.

That's why I use an autonomous breathing system, honey...
As an original brother of the Consecrators chapter the armor of Corpulax was black and now that serves Nurgle, a dark green shining reflects on his armor. The corruption of the inmaterium wash his feet and white scars of plague infection tear the ceramite of his plaques.

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